Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper


Remember how TSOT started?

DI Lestrade was trying to catch the Waters family, in the act, and it took him 1,5 fucking years to do it!

And what happened when he was almost finishing the job, taking all the credits and stuff?
He got a couple of texts from Sherlock. One after another that read:

Help. Baker St. Now.

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12 Monkeys: Official Trailer | Syfy

Q: Thoughts?


Apparently I have another relative thats slowly dying…..

My maternal grandmother :(

If she passes on sometime this week, that means its another Road trip for me, my mother, and my father.

My sister won’t be able to come because she and her husband are moving to Connecticut.

Meh… oh well :-( 

You're a Carbon Copy Vlad

  • Vladimir Putin: Hello! Hello! Can anyone hear me!!! Hello! Kremlin!!!
  • Strange Boy: -_- *sighs*
  • Vladimir Putin: Where am I!?!
  • Strange Boy: You're in a system known as Red Line.
  • Vladimir Putin: Red Line!?!
  • Strange Boy: You're a carbon copy of the actual Vladimir Putin.
  • Vladimir Putin: Carbon Copy!?! What the *expletive too awkward to not censor*
  • Strange Boy: Oi this is going to be long.... -_-


Girl’s Generation Yoona ‘Sure August Issue’

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Starbucks is a favorite and always will be.

Starbucks is a favorite and always will be.

Mexican Ice Cream Store

I was bored last night, so what did I do? I went out to go meet up with Mikey, and Mad Dog.. on my way there we talked, and decided to go to the Mexican Ice Cream place.

and sheesh there was a wide selection….

I picked the unusual flavor, and WOW! It was good.

We sat and talked, while the mosquitoes bit us… but we honestly didn’t care. Because we were having the time of our lives.

It was the most fun I ever had…

I wouldn’t mind going again…


"If people ask, ‘Are you Sherlock Holmes?’, it’s horribly naff, but I say, ‘I’m not, I just look a bit like him’ - which is how I feel. There are bad attributes of his that I really don’t share!"

— Benedict Cumberbatch

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Sundays are the best days to fool around

-_- Sheesh…. 

who am I kidding?

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