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Deep in thought

Deep in thought

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  • The Blogger: Alan....
  • Alan Moore: Yes?
  • The Blogger: How do I let things go?
  • Alan Moore: Find a reason to move on, once you moved on.... you'll be in a better state of mind.
  • The Blogger: Does that usually work?
  • Alan Moore: Yes... it did for me.
  • The Blogger: Thanks for the tip
  • Alan Moore: You're very welcome.

It’s not just me, right?


Autistic Person: *doesn’t express their emotions*

Allistic Person: There’s something wrong with you!

Autistic Person: *expresses their emotions enthusiastically*

Allistic Person: There’s something wrong with you!


I need to get to know London again. Breathe it in, every quiver of its beating heart. 

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Sad Face ( :( )

My sister and her husband are leaving for Connecticut tomorrow….

I’m going to miss them :(

Then again, theres always phone calls….. (and/or Skype)



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St. Lucky

  • St. Lucky: Come to me my dear fellow citizens, and I shall grant you three wishes.
  • Strange Boy: Whats the catch?
  • St. Lucky: *laughs nervously* Theres no catch....
  • Sherlock Holmes: Oh drop the Act Ditto...
  • St. Lucky: Who???
  • Sherlock Holmes: Everytime Ditto transforms into another colorful character, wither if its Milo the Mayan, or Justin Bieber's mom he always has that smirk on his face.
  • St. Lucky: #@%! Seriously Sherlock!?!
  • *St. Lucky transforms back into Ditto*
  • Ditto: You ruin everything!
  • Sherlock Holmes: Oh Shut up! I can do better disguises than that!
  • Ditto: I'm a Pokemon! I'm suppose to disguise myself!
  • Strange Boy: -_- This is going to take awhile....
  • Leon: -_- Yeah....

The Ostriches

When I was in Africa, down in the Kalahari with my Aunt and Uncle. I had gotten the chance to ride in my Uncle’s plane to go across the plains of the desert.

Man was it beautiful….

what really struck my attention, was seeing these two Ostriches running across it.

To me it was a rare sight to see, especially since we were flying over.

I’ll never forget that moment…